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Timeline 05/1995
Les Diplômes de le Université de Athènes de 1880 a 1908
Academic Journals | Date: 10-05-1995

Dialetis D. & Meimaris M., «Les Diplômes de l'Université' d'Athènes de 1880 a 1908», Les Cahiers de I' Analyse des Données, Vol. XX - 1995 - n.2, pp. 169-182

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Communication Aspects and Applications of New Technologies in the Educational Process
Seminars | Time Period: 01-01-1992 until 01-01-1996

Programme of training and new media literacy seminars for teachers of all grades and specializations, in collaboration with the Regional Training Centers of the Greek Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs (1992-1996).

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