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Timeline 12/2000
«Multimedia: προϊόν με ονομασία προελεύσεως διεπιστημονική»
Chapters in Volumes | Date: 15-12-2000

Μεϊμάρης, Μ., «Multimedia: προϊόν με ονομασία προελεύσεως διεπιστημονική» στο Καλαβάσης, Φ., Μεϊμάρης, Μ., (επιμ.) Θέματα Διδακτικής Μαθηματικών V. Διεπιστημονική Προσέγγιση των Μαθηματικών και της Διδασκαλίας τους, εκδ. Gutenberg, Αθήνα 2000

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Announcements | Activities | Time Period: 10-01-2000 until 31-12-2000

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“Perseas” Educational Title
Programmes | Research | Time Period: 01-01-2000 until 01-01-2001

In the context of the project “Intercultural Approach of Myths, Mathematics and Learning Difficulties in the New Technological Communication Environment” (INTERREG-II Programme) UoA NTLab, together with the University of Aegean as prime contractor and the Universities of Cyprus, Lebanon and Cairo, has undertaken development of the Educational CD-ROM “Perseas”, a bilingual multimedia educational title in Greek and Arabic.

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Joint European Postgraduate Degrees “European Master in Ε-Business Management”, “European Master in Cyber-communication”, “European Master in Audiovisual & Multimedia Business Administration”
Programmes | Research | Time Period: 01-01-1998 until 01-01-2006

Participation of UoA NTLab, in collaboration with the European Universities Institut Superieur de Commerce Saint-Louis (Belgium), Université de Metz (France), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) and Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic (Finland) in the set-up and operation of three European Postgraduate Degrees that have been specialised in the development of professional skills in the corresponding knowledge areas.

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