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Timeline 09/2005
Environnement multiculturel et insertion sociale: Le rôle des technologies de le information et de la communication (TIC)
Work with Referees | Date: 22-09-2005

Michel Meimaris, Nicky Papastavrou, Elena Falida (2006) “Environnement multiculturel et insertion sociale: Le rôle des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC)” in L. Vieira, N. Pinede-Wojciechowski (eds), Enjeux et usages des T.I.C. aspects sociaux et culturels, Colloque 22-24/9/2005, pp. 199-205

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New Media, Ethics and Globalization Issues
Seminars | Time Period: 01-01-2005 until 01-01-2006

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Web-Training Game
Programmes | Research | Time Period: 01-01-2004 until 01-01-2006

Web-Training Game, LEONARDO Programme
[ Νέο παράθυρο ]

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Forum for Equality and Social Cohesion
Programmes | Research | Time Period: 01-01-2003 until 01-01-2007

Forum for Equality and Social Cohesion, EQUAL EU Initiative

UoA NTLab has been involved in this project through a number of activities, such as research on the attitudes of business owners, production of a CR-ROM entitled “All Different – All Equal” as well as organization of an 1-day event under the title of “The Other in the Land of Journalism”.

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Joint European Postgraduate Degrees “European Master in Ε-Business Management”, “European Master in Cyber-communication”, “European Master in Audiovisual & Multimedia Business Administration”
Programmes | Research | Time Period: 01-01-1998 until 01-01-2006

Participation of UoA NTLab, in collaboration with the European Universities Institut Superieur de Commerce Saint-Louis (Belgium), Université de Metz (France), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) and Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic (Finland) in the set-up and operation of three European Postgraduate Degrees that have been specialised in the development of professional skills in the corresponding knowledge areas.

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