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Timeline 03/1992
«Glossary of Gomputer Graphics Terms»
Chapters in Volumes | Date: 18-03-1992

Meimaris, M., «Glossary of Gomputer Graphics Terms», σελ.149-154 στο M. Meimaris (Eπιμέλεια, Eισαγωγή), Computer Image Synthesis and Animation, Έκδοση Σύμπραξης Πανεπιστημίων και Eπιχειρήσεων για την Kατάρτιση AΓPO-ΣΠEK της ATE, Πρόγραμμα COMETT, Consortium for Image Technology Training in Europe CITE), 1992

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Communication Aspects and Applications of New Technologies in the Educational Process
Seminars | Time Period: 01-01-1992 until 01-01-1996

Programme of training and new media literacy seminars for teachers of all grades and specializations, in collaboration with the Regional Training Centers of the Greek Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs (1992-1996).

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Agricultural Bank of Greece
Announcements | Time Period: 13-01-1981 until 21-10-1992

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