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Timeline 01/2000
New Year Celebration 2000
Events | Date: 28-01-2000

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Markata Award
Events | Date: 21-01-2000

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Educational System and Mass Media
Work with Referees | Date: 20-01-2000

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Announcements | Activities | Time Period: 10-01-2000 until 31-12-2000

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“Perseas” Educational Title
Programmes | Research | Time Period: 01-01-2000 until 01-01-2001

In the context of the project “Intercultural Approach of Myths, Mathematics and Learning Difficulties in the New Technological Communication Environment” (INTERREG-II Programme) UoA NTLab, together with the University of Aegean as prime contractor and the Universities of Cyprus, Lebanon and Cairo, has undertaken development of the Educational CD-ROM “Perseas”, a bilingual multimedia educational title in Greek and Arabic.

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Joint European Postgraduate Degrees “European Master in Ε-Business Management”, “European Master in Cyber-communication”, “European Master in Audiovisual & Multimedia Business Administration”
Programmes | Research | Time Period: 01-01-1998 until 01-01-2006

Participation of UoA NTLab, in collaboration with the European Universities Institut Superieur de Commerce Saint-Louis (Belgium), Université de Metz (France), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) and Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic (Finland) in the set-up and operation of three European Postgraduate Degrees that have been specialised in the development of professional skills in the corresponding knowledge areas.

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“21 En Plo” Educational Title
Programmes | Research | Time Period: 01-01-1998 until 01-01-2000

Within the “Seirines” project (EPEAEK Programme), the Laboratory of New Technologies in Communication, Education and the Mass Media with the scientific supervision of Prof. Meimaris has undertaken, in collaboration with FINATEC, the study and design of the “21 En Plo” educational software title.

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Profile of the Laboratory of New Technologies in Communication, Education and the Mass Media
Presentations | Time Period: 01-06-1996 until 30-04-2013

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