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Digital Storytelling
Courses | Activities | Updated: 06-02-2013 20:36

Faculty of Communication and Media Studies - University of Athens
undergraduate course / seminar


Storytelling, widely known in all human societies and eras, passes on knowledge, attitudes and values from one generation to another. Furthermore, it excites imagination and enhances sociability. Apart from being a common social practice, storytelling is used for educational purposes within traditional school systems. Moreover, storytelling can offer consolation to the listeners of a story as well as to the one telling it.

With the integration of multimedia (image, video, subtitles, sound, music), a new form of storytelling was created, that of Digital Storytelling, which utilizes the qualities and advances of Information and Communication Technologies –a perspective really familiar to the digital natives of our modern world.
For the purposes of the seminar, with the term digital storytelling we refer to a short story that combines traditional oral storytelling with digital media having a digital personal story as an outcome.
During the seminar students will get acquainted with the construction of digital stories as well as the use of appropriate technological tools (software).